BGMD – Building Geometry Model Definition

Regardless if the data basis of the 3D model is based on the traditional, manual measurements, the existing 2D material or very precise data from a surveyor, the actual model will always be an average of the reality.

In the modelling process a lot of decisions are being made. Partly to show the most accurate reflection of reality, but also to make sure the model is useful in projection.

Understanding the decision matrix, accuracy, background for the collection of data and modeling methods is therefore significant to pass on to the end-users, so that they’re able to use the model in the most expedient way.

The industry’s most frequently used classifications to define a model’s detail level is often segmented too detailed or inexpedient. Therefore BIM Equity has developed the BGMD - Building Geometry Model Definition - for classification of geometry models.

BGMD is the key point in all of our projects and is used as an important tool for the dialogue between BIM Equity, the costumer, surveyor, modellers and the end-user.

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In addition we use our ‘Best Practices’-specifications to assure that the modeling method are as similar to the customers’ as possible - and furthermore to visualize different methods.

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Read more about BGMD at > Ydelser > Modellering > Sikkerhed for kvalitet.

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