BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic – teamwork on two different levels

BIM Server is disconnected. What on earth?

Graphisoft has aligned the names of its server products. This clarifies that they are developed as the same software. Now ARCHICAD teamwork is possible in both - BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic.

BIMcloud Basic is free of charge. Users can activate it using their GSID, exactly as the earlier BIM Server.

Only one installer needed

The same installer manages all BIMcloud installations - also the installation of the Basic version. This is possible, because, starting from ARCHICAD 22, Graphisoft has started to use the installation packages compilation software of a different provider.

Because the free BIMcloud Basic supports only one ARCHICAD version they need to be updated separately. The same installer is used for each version.

Benefits of the BIMcloud full version

  • One BIMcloud supports multiple ARCHICAD versions, starting from version 19. One manager includes all versions.
  • From version 22 on, an automatic, real-time element reservation helps everyday work by providing exclusive access to specific design elements without any hassle
  • Thanks to BIMx PRO, design issues can be resolved through instant messages and annotated screenshots using tablets and smartphones.
  • Project access supports on multiple servers
  • Optimized for Multiple Office setup
  • Project Organization with Folders
  • On-the-fly scaling of Server Resources
  • Organization of users into groups
  • Multi-site optimized by Delta cache
  • Central User Management (LDAP Integration)
  • Role-Based Management
  • The BIMcloud self-diagnostics monitor the server’s performanc
  • Automated Server Backups
  • Multiple language support

Changing from one version to the other

The switch from BIMcloud Basic to the full version is very uncomplicated. It is done directly on the Servers page of BIMcloud Manager. The lisences are available as protection key or software-based, also on virtual servers. The licenses are valid for one year starting from the subscription.

It is very easy to upgrade from BIMcloud Basic to the full BIM cloud version - only click on the upgrade button.

Also the downgrade from BIMcloud to BIMcloud Basic is very easy. The downgrade button can be found directly on the the Servers page of BIMcloud Manager. The Downgrade Wizard appears and leads you through every step of the installation process.

The phases are for example:
1. create a backup
2. lock the used version
3. delete the incompatible projects of other versions
4. move the projects to the projects root
5. move the libraries to the default library folder
6. flatten the structure of the folders (eliminate sub-folders)
7. disconnect the connection to additional servers
8. and 9.Move BIMcloud Server and/or BIMcloud Manager
10. eliminate folders from the server root
11. change to simplified permissions
12. disconnect the connection to the LDAP services

Main points of the Basic version

  • One BIMcloud Basic supports one ARCHICAD version, starting from version 19.
  • Several BIMcloud Basic versions can be on the same server.
  • During the installation of BIMcloud Basic the version that should be updated or installed is choosen.
  • For users of BIM Server versions 19-21 a free upgrate to BIMcloud Basic is recommended.

Help links

How to update BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic
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