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The missing link – entirely new BIMx Desktop version

The interface and content previously targeted for tablet and mobile device users is now also available in the desktop application. In other words, Windows and Apple operating systems provide users a familiar data model viewing experience. For example Hyperlinks, the biggest innovation, are now available for everyone! Cool stuff like support for Xbox-controller and Logitech Space controller enhance the user experience to a new level. With the new easy-to-use version, the number of BIMx users is predicted to increase.

In this article, I will go through practical basic information about sharing BIMx files and using a desktop application. BIMx is the most effective way to share an Archicad or Archicad-created federated BIM -model with anyone.

BIMx Model Transfer site, benefit for maintenance (SSA) customers

Publishing to the public home page of the BIMx Transfer service is open to everyone. On this page, you will find publicly published BIMx models. Public BIMx-files can be published even if a user is not part of a company account, by a student with EDU- license for instance.

All companies having the Archicad maintenance agreement (sometimes called SSA- Software Service Agreement, Note! Terms and conditions might vary by market) have 5GB of BIMx-transfer Cloud-storage available. The storage can be used by employees who have been invited by the company admin, as members of the company's GSID-account. The pre-condition is to have their own Graphisoft ID.

Image of the BIMx Transfer company homepage opened via a login. On this page, you will find BIMx files published by members. The folder structure and visibility of the files are freely definable.

Page of the shared BIMx file, “Project’s-homepage”. This page contains links to viewers and further sharing (via social media, email) and downloading. In the figure, the opened <-> icon shows the Html-embed code that can be used to link the model on, for example, the company’s reference project pages.

Launched BIMx desktop application. Image of a project logo for built-in BIMx demo Hyper model example. Recent BIMx models will appear on this page. On the left, links to open the BIMx file from local filesystem or download it from the transfer pages. Click the logo to open the file. The application contains detailed build-in Help.

The BIMx model index opens on the left, the view selected from the list is accessed by the preview icon at the bottom (in the figure, the name of the 3D view is BIMx).

When navigating the model and drawings the blue hyperlinks Archicad created automatically appear by default. They can be hidden/shown from the settings. Clicking on a character opens an element list.

If you have an Xbox-compatible controller connected to your computer, navigating in game mode also works with it. Logitech Space controllers are also supported. Naturally, the gaming basic’s, mouse, WSAD, and arrow keys are enabled. By default, the inner ball of the image, the “Joystick”, is dragged with the mouse (vs. fingertip on tablets).

The layouted Schedules and Element Lists include Hyperlinks to the model automatically. Here is the easiest way to find a certain window – straight from the Schedule. In the case of a link to several similar ones, they will all be zoomed to fit and selected from the 3D model.

Right-clicking an element displays the information stored in it according to the settings in the Archicad publisher set. Content is filtered with selected user defined schedule’s, one can even show IFC-parameters from consults Hotlinked-files.

Where to get it?

For Archicad users, the BIMx desktop version is installed and updated with the program. In practice, it is included in Archicad 24 version upgrades #40xx or #50xx and later. This depends of the localized version. Installers for all its language versions can be found along with the BIMx-transfer pages.

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