Bromma Building with BIM Control

The real estate company Sagax is, together with the construction company In3prenör and the technical consultancy company Bengt Dahlgren, building a Head Office and shops for the plumbing wholesaler Dahl at the block Gjutmästaren 8. The key is spelled BIM and IFC.

Air photo of the site. Picture: Bengt Dahlgren

In the Ulvsunda area, in the block that earlier harboured the Aeronautical research institute (FFA), a four-story building and a hall with mezzanine parts is being constructed. The four-story section will be populated by Dahl's head office and the hall will contain three stores, as well as warehouses and garages in an underground basement.

Exterior south east view. Picture: Eppens Arkitektur AB

The mezzanines will accommodate the stores' offices. The total area of ​​the building is around twenty thousand square meters. The architect for the project is Eppens Arkitektur. The project was started in 2017 and inspection is expected to take place in December 2020.

Collaboration Onsite

The project, which is a turn-key contract, is a collaboration between Sagax, In3prenör and Bengt Dahlgren where In3prenör and Bengt Dahlgren have previously had a collaboration that also has come in handy for this project. The real estate company Sagax owns properties in Sweden, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Bengt Dahlgren is a technical consultant in the field of community buildings with engineers in several disciplines such as installation, fire, risk, construction, real estate, energy and the environment. In3prenör is a construction company that delivers complete solutions of contracts and services in commercial construction.

Lunch square in Gjutmästaren. Picture: Eppens Arkitektur AB

The building process is in full swing and both In3prenör and Bengt Dahlgren are in place at the Onsite establishment. Robin Svedhem, BIM strategist / Project Manager at Bengt Dahlgren, says that being on site has major advantages.

Pause space and pentry. Picture: Eppens Arkitektur AB

Large open space office. Picture: Eppens Arkitektur AB

"It is both good and useful to be located at the building site in direct contact with everything that happens, and it is by this possible to quickly resolve any collisions", Robin says.

In3prenör’s responsible people for the project, Mikael Gustafsson and Mikael Nydahl, are also at Onsite.

Sagax has also a hired representative on location, Jan Johnsson from Ferax Installation Project, which is valuable.

BIM strategy, IFC and Solibri are crucial

Large projects with many involved actors require developed forms of cooperation. Strikingly often, different stakeholders in the projects have a variety of digital platforms that acts as their bases. This project poses no exception - on the contrary - it is important to find ways that can promote smooth project management. Today, IFC enables companies to work in optional software, as IFC becomes the project's "lingua franca" - the common language. Similarly in historical retrospect, the business language during the Roman times was Greek.

Cut views from the model

One strategy is about knowledge. To share your knowledge, and to acquire new knowledge. For example, the architects has taken a course at Nolliplan to further sharpen their digital knowledge in relation to the project. Then it is about data transfer. There, the IFC file format has been absolutely crucial.

"The frame is prefabricated by the construction company UPB, which is based in Latvia and the IFC model was sent there. They have based their work entirely on the received model", Robin Svedhem says. "The IFC format makes the project flexible, but also means that we can assure the quality of what we do. We import the model into Solibri and in this way we get control over any collisions, quantities or other item reports that we need. In this project we needed several holes in the prefabricated beams and it was extremely important that these, for both static and functional reasons, ended up in exact positions. In3prenör also wanted to have an additional number of extra holes and even in that situation it was essential that it worked Onsite afterwards."

Finished result lobby. Picture: Bengt Dahlgren

Bengt Dahlgren and In3prenör have been collaborating for several years already. The construction company In3prenör's digital strategy has been developed in collaboration with the construction consultant Bengt Dahlgren for a BIM concept and a manual according to which they are now working.

"A factor of this strategy is to consider what is useful. It is important to name everything in the building and we do this with BIP codes. We have been working in Solibri since 2013. It is vital to the workflow to make active choices about which of these codes are important in the project. In the Project Gjutmästaren, it is our role to be BIM strategists and project managers. In3prenör also works with the software Vico Office so it is valuable that the sync to Vico works as well", Robin Svedhem says.

Internal cut. Picture: Bengt Dahlgren

"The Solibri-Vico relationship is the heart of the BIM strategy. In Solibri, collisions between different building elements, different actors and different interests are controlled. Decisions also has been made to include additional element relation rules that Solibri also needs to check. An example of such a rule is the other elements’ distances to sprinkler heads. The sprinkler head must be able to operate freely - it is important that no element is located too close to an imagined sprinkler head. Another factor that has been important is loading heights, and rules about this have also been introduced. All these rules are resources that can then be used, if desired, also in future projects."

Production phase with App

The Gjutmästaren project has come a long way and it has been progressing fast. The intensity of the project accelerated from the very beginning of the project since the foundation structure was tenderded as early as in the program document phase. This was possible when working in a 3D model with such good control of the process.

Detail photos finished result. Pictures: Bengt Dahlgren

View of the façade. Picture: Bengt Dahlgren

"Now we are erecting interior walls and making installations in the project. The plan is that the project shall be finally inspected and ready for usage by Christmas 2020. To further simplify for everyone involved, we also have a visualization app called Dalux Field, to which we have linked all the drawings in pdf file format and the IFC model as well. The PDF drawings and the IFC model are integrated so that you can experience the connection between the drawing and the model in a coherent way. This usage helps a great deal", Robin Svedhem concludes.

Robin Svedhem. Picture: Bengt Dahlgren

The project Gjutmästaren clarifies several things. One is the value in having a digital planning strategy before a project is started, as it can speed up the processes and create better control of all flows - whether you choose to put the BIM title on it or not. Another is that it is valuable if as many people as possible can collaborate as easily as possible in the projects. In that respect, it looks like IFC will be a key factor.

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