Digital leadership

JM strived for a digital leadership positioning in the industry and in 2017 a decision was made to develop a group-wide approach - JM would work model-based in all core processes.

Setting the correct requirements

JM sets requirements according to its own thoroughly developed model matrix, in which it is also described what the models should contain and how they should be delivered. The models are delivered in the open file format IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes). BIM leaders use the software Solibri to ensure the quality and content of the models. It is a prerequisite that this work is done as it ensures high quality and correct naming of the quantities in the project.

Vico Office, corporate group spreadsheet tool

JM has decided on a corporate spreadsheet tool, Vico Office. The calculation is done in all stages of the project - from project idea, throughout design phases and all the way to the production line. All calculations are made in Vico Office by JM, Stockholm - "we no longer work the old way". The requirements set when choosing systems included being able to utilize the structural capital, have flexibility and traceability and that it should be easy to do the correct process.

Vico Office interface

Visual calculations

As a spreadsheet software, Vico Office offers a visual calculation that makes it much easier to deduce quantities that are linked to the calculation presented in the 3D view.

Tags, reports and templates

Tags are important and make the calculation easier. They enable easy color coding of the calculations which facilitates the work. They also provide opportunities for creating reports. The reports are used for analysis and as input for follow-ups in the financial system. “We build templates for recurring recipes, which makes our calculation work more efficient. In the long run we may be able to automate the work by automatically attaching the quantity records to the recipes in the calculation - but we are not there yet”.

Knowledge and innovative thinking

In collaboration with Nolliplan, the staff is trained in JM's working methods. Development and training take place in ongoing projects, which means it must be controlled at the same time, as we want to challenge the processes. "It is important to venture in to new ways of thinking and work with change management," concludes Annika.

Annika Granström, cost manager and responsible for the model-based working methods at JM AB, Stockholm.
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