Experienced architects switched to Archicad

The founders of the newly established Studio Gorilla have a background from several large architectural offices in Norway, and have extensive experience with the use of BIM software.

Studio Gorilla is an interdisciplinary architectural firm that works with architecture, landscape architecture and graphic design. They have experience from work with site development and regulation, strategic consulting and project development, interior design and visual identity. Together they work to create sustainable ideas that provide the basis for the best project.

Bibbi Irminger Thomassen, Håkon Berger, Eva Nordgård and Hanna Haukøya Storemyr are partners in Studio Gorilla. Mari-Anne Bjørningstad is associated as a graphic designer.

"We want to facilitate a better future for people and nature, in cities and places. Our projects must have significance beyond themselves, and show consideration for their surroundings", the founders say.

They agree that there are several important considerations that need to be made when choosing the right BIM software. Like most architectural firms today, Studio Gorilla relies entirely on efficient software with the right functionality to deliver good quality in all projects. After a process with careful assessments and analyzes of various options, the choice fell on Archicad.

"Informal references, feedback from colleagues in the industry and price were decisive for the choice of Archicad as a BIM software", Thomassen says.

The importance of interaction and communication

"A well-functioning BIM software is very important in collaboration between the subjects in the different phases of a project - and not least in collaboration and communication with clients and customers", Håkon Berger says.

Archicad is a world leader in openBIM, which makes it possible to communicate with everyone involved in the project. With Archicad, you get a complete design software that covers all needs from the idea and concept phase, in addition to a very effective software for creating documentation from the BIM model.

Everyone in the office now works in Archicad, which contributes to a better understanding of all the work steps in the project. We use Archicad in the design of both architecture and landscape in one and the same model. In this way, we become more flexible regarding interdisciplinary collaboration, and get the efficient flow we want.

Great design freedom

The architects in Studio Gorilla express that design freedom is one of the most important things when choosing a software. As Archicad is user-friendly with all the necessary functionality, the software gives great freedom in the design phase. "With Archicad, you have control of the program, and not the program that has control over you", says Berger.

In Archicad you can model freely without having to compromise on design, precision or quality. An important criteria is that the drawings should express what one wants to convey while at the same time giving good, realistic representations of project and idea. With Archicad you get a BIM software that is both intuitive and logical to find your way around.

Predictable costs and flexible licensing schemes

Price and economy are of course an important assessment - especially for a company in the establishment phase.

"In our assessments, Archicad is more reasonably priced than other competing solutions. You get what you need in one and the same program, and do not have to buy packages and supplements to make the program complete and efficient", says Bibbi Irminger Thomassen.

Graphisoft offers flexible licensing solutions where the customer can choose whether they want to buy, rent or lease. Unlike many competitors, Graphisoft offers floating network licenses, allowing multiple users to share a smaller number of licenses.

The Archicad license is linked to the company that owns it - not to named users. Individual, stand-alone or single licenses are both costly and resource-intensive to manage. Large sums are saved for companies where not all employees need their own license at all times. The scheme provides far greater freedom and flexibility compared to more rigid licensing schemes that are linked to individuals.

Thomassen believes that Archicad comes out far better in terms of price than competing BIM programs, both over time and overall.

Effective visualization solutions

Visualization, which used to be a time-consuming process for architects, has now become much faster and easier with Twinmotion.

Twinmotion reproduces and visualizes the model in the form of high-quality, real-time images, video and panoramas. The software is intuitive and easy to use both to communicate idea, process and finished result with colleagues, customers and the client. Twinmotion has a direct connection to Archicad and is free for all Archicad VIP customers.

Switching to Archicad was easier than expected

Half a year after the start-up, the founders can confirm that they have made the right choice of BIM software.

"Archicad is intuitive and easy to navigate. The Archicad Grunnkurs gave us a solid introduction to the program and we quickly started designing. As a VIP customer, the support team has given us very good and quick follow-up the times we have been stuck and needed help to get on", says Thomassen.

In just a few months, Studio Gorilla has submitted a framework application for its first projects designed in Archicad.

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