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How to Succeed with IFC

IFC is the basis for increased collaboration between various professions in the AEC industry. Here are some tips on how to succeed with IFC.

The Construction industry becomes more efficient, sustainable, and digital when all AEC stakeholders use the specific digital tools that suits their respective work processes and projects best. Hence IFC is crucial to a more efficient construction industry.

IFC is an abbreviation of Industry Foundation Classes, and it is a common file format that enables information exchange across disciplines and software platforms. IFC is thus the basis for increased, digital collaboration in the AEC industry. IFC is developed and implemented by buildingSMART.

How to become successful with IFC

Here we have gathered some tips on how to succeed with IFC:

  • Use the lowest possible level of detail (LOD) and agree upon which level of detail you use to exchange with in the different phases.
  • Clean the model of unnecessary objects and only export what is necessary.
  • If possible, use IFC 2.x.3 Coordination View 2.0.
  • Always check IFC files in a third-party IFC viewer.
  • Feel free to compress the IFC file with Solibri Optimizer.
  • Make sure that the project ICT agreement (technical specifications) is correct.
  • Make sure that the whole team uses the same project origin (x-, y- and z-coordinate), the same rotation in relation to the north, and the same vertical structure (stories) without additional construction plans.
  • Agree which data to include in which of the IFC fields file (Data Mapping).
  • Agree upon the classification system you apply to the project.

Freedom to choose BIM application

Archicad and other BIM-applications are becoming better and better at IFC-exchange. By following the above prescriptions you will experience a smoother IFC exchange work flow on your projects, which allows you to use the software that best supports your specific needs, while your collaborators are able to use the BIM application of their choice.

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