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Lindab develops, manufactures, and distributes products and system solutions that simplifies construction and improves the indoor climate. Together with GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark and ArchiRADAR, Lindab has just developed six different types of their garage doors as BIM objects for Archicad. The objects make it possible to configure the desired solution for use in e.g., drawing production, visualizations, quantity extraction and collision control.

BIM objects for Revit and Archicad

Lindab offers digital versions of their doors as BIM objects for Revit and Archicad. The BIM objects are available free of charge via the BIMobjects website. All you have to do is creating a user account. However, there are significant differences between the BIM objects for Revit and the objects for Archicad. First, there are 6 different files for Revit – one for each door type – while there is only one single library file (LCF file) for Archicad, that can be configured for all 6 port types. In Archicad it does not matter which door you choose to download, since you will automatically get all types.

Another difference is that while each Revit object is a file of between 1.3 - 3.1 mb, then the entire library for the Archicad versions is only 1.4 mb, which means that the BIM project becomes much more manageable because of the smaller file size. Finally, there is also a difference in user interface between the objects for Revit and Archicad. While the user interface og objects in Revit to a large extent is a list of possible settings, there is a graphical user interface created for the Archicad objects that explains what the different settings do.


Once the object for Archicad has been downloaded, and is added to Archicad's "Library Manager", it is available among the objects in the door tool. In fact, Lindab's objects appears as two seperate objects – one for their garage doors for private homes and one for their industrial doors. In this way it easier to choose between the two solutions according to your needs and the type of project.

The doors are inserted into a wall as one would insert a door. This can be done in both plan view and in 3D perspective. Subsequently, the height and width of the door opening can be adjusted in plan, section, and elevation, and in addition, the angle of the rails and the size of the suspension can be adjusted in 3D. This makes it visually easy to assess how the changes affect the extent of the rail construction.

You set the remaining configurations from "Door Selection Settings". If you choose industrial doors, you use a "drop down" menu to choose between the 4 main categories of doors, which are mainly determined by how the door opens over the hole in the wall, and how it follows the wall and possibly the roof.

Subsequently, you select the section type according to whether there should be glass, and if so, which type of glass it should be. Here, the BIM object automatically adjusts the options according to the size of the door, so that the number of sections and the number of windows correspond to what is possible in the real world.

The next settings concern pen-sets and line types in plane, section, and elevation, as well as the surface materials of the 3D object. You can either choose the materials that Lindab doors are delivered in, or you can choose to overwrite the materials and use Archicad's standard surfaces instead. This can be an advantage for visualizations in the early sketching phases.

The high level of detail of the 3D model makes it possible to make photorealistic visualizations, but also to conduct collision control in relation to installations and to test whether cars and machines can move freely under the door construction.

GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark has developed the Archicad BIM object for Lindab in collaboration with ArchiRADAR in Italy. The close collaboration has enabled Lindab to ensure that the BIM objects acts as a complete configurator that matches what they can subsequently deliver on site. ArchiRADAR are experts in GDL programming, which makes it possible to have such complex setting options with a graphical user interface, and detailed 3D geometry while keeping the file size to an absolute minimum. At the same time, the pricing of BIM objects is highly competitive.

Video about garage doors from Lindab as BIM objects

Graphisoft Center Denmark has made a video which, with great thoroughness and at a leisurely pace, reviews everything from downloading the BIM objects and loading the library file in Archicad, to configuration and visualization of Lindab's door objects.

You can watch the video here.

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