Time efficient renderings facilitate decisions in planning

With lightning speed renderings in Twinmotion architect Reinhold Klein tries different options together with the client. A creative dialogue that informs, and at an early stage shortens decision-making processes and streamlines the construction project.

A picture says more than a thousand words, as we all know. For an architect this can be translated to visualizing a 3D model to convey important information about the building. But this has proven to be easier said than done in the past since rendering often has consumed an enormous amount of time, causing unwanted downtime and standstill in the project. That old process is history for architect Reinhold Klein at Möller Arkitekter in Ängelholm. Today he uses Twinmotion instead.

"Previously, it took several hours to produce a realistic image with rendering", recalls Reinhold. "Now it happens instantly in real time."

Close work process with the client

When planning a building, Reinhold first models it in ARCHICAD and adds all the necessary information and details according to the client's requirements. In order to proceed with the design and formation of the house, several questions must first be answered. That's when Twinmotion comes in handy - a 3D image of the project is rendered instantly.

Beautiful visionary sketch of Folkets hus in Höganäs community park. Picture: Möller Arkitekter AB.

"We can show options in real time while sitting with the client in front of the computer and in a personal and close way get a proposal that the customer is satisfied with."

If the client wants a certain architecture, a specific interior and façade or decide where a staircase should be located at its best, it is easy to modify the properties in ARCHICAD and then, a second later, get a rendered image in Twinmotion.

"With this swift process it is easier for the client to make decisions. We can also provide several alternatives at that actual meeting and let the customer see for himself what the final result might look like. To choose the option that best suits the design, for example material choices or other preferences."

Easier way to better decisions

The decision-making process is faster with the help of this technology. In many cases, depending on the nature of the project and in which phase it is in the development process, it is not appropriate to waste time gathering aspects at a meeting, then preparing new proposals that are rendered in new images and then schedule a new meeting to present and collect new aspects. And then the wheels might turn all over again and again. The work process gets delayed and the planning time is deducted with a delayed start of construction as a conceivable result. In the long run this is not productive.

Instead, everything can be done in a straightforward discussion on the spot with real-time renderings and by that bring a solution that works optimal.

"We can involve the customer in a complete new way with this technique", says Reinhold. "We did not have that opportunity before. The customer appreciates being able to be part of the process and be involved in decisions, to have the opportunity to give their opinion."

Thereafter the architects at the bureau can continue to work on the approved proposal, continue to work in BIM and determine properties as a basis for calculation. Twinmotion thus facilitates the next step in a more real-life situation.

The rendered images come in handy for presentations where Möller Arkitekter AB frequently use the BIMx viewer. At project team meetings, the participants get to see drawings and several rendered images that show different options. "The iPad is a good-enough tool for this and you do not have to bring a computer with you", Reinhold says. "The pictures are not heavy-handed, despite the large amount of information that is included; on the contrary, they are easy to handle on the tablet."

Visualisation as part of all projects

Reinhold has worked with Twinmotion for two years. He thinks the program is easy to work with and quickly got into it without any educational efforts or special prerequisites. There are very good educational materials online, he points out.

"My colleagues and me all use it, and the architectural bureau has also hired a construction engineer who will devote his time to visualization."

Recently, the innovative technology with timesaving renderings has been used in all planning projects and has become a natural part of the process.

Good examples of visualisation. Condominium in Svärtinge, outside Norrköping, interior and exterior, also rental apartments in Båstad for Eksjöhus Bostad. Picture: Möller Arkitekter AB.

At Möller Arkitekter AB this innovative visualization technique has come to stay. The reason is easy to understand. Reinhold and his colleagues benefit from the efficiency that ARCHICAD and Twinmotion bring together. Being able to easily modify the model in a timesaving manner and directly adapt projects to the client's high requirements. This cuts lead-time that older rendering technologies cannot cope with in the long run. Or as Reinhold himself says: "This is the way I always wanted to work but never was able to before. Now that wish is being met in full measure."


How long have you been using ARCHICAD?
Since 1992, version 4.1.

Do you have any favourite functions?
To be able to search for a window that I’d like to edit – and then get all similar windows to adjust along with it.

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