Smart City X VR: The future of Vejle

The Municipality of Vejle is the first Municipality in Denmark to acquire a VR studio.

Epiito’s CAVE solution allows the planning department to engage in a dialogue with their citizens and other parties of interest regarding the development of the city.

Christoffer Melson is chairman of the municipality’s technical committee. After a visit to VR Studio he states “This will be a good tool when we have to explain how a future project will look like. As politicians we now have a better opportunity to explore a new project before we give it a yes or no” to the local newspaper, Vejle Amts Folkeblad.

Video (in Danish); copyright: Municipality of Vejle

Making architecture and urban development accessible

VR Studio provides access to the future allowing citizens to explore which projects are on their way, understand their scale and how they fit in with their surroundings.

Lisbet Wolters, City Architect in Vejle Municipality, explains:
“The new digital tools allow architecture and urban development to be much more accessible to everyone because it does not require professional knowledge to understand a 3D model. At the same time, it provides greater security for investments when we can test new buildings and projects in the digital city model before they are implemented.”

Illustration: “Bølgen” / “The Wave”, Vejle, Danmark

About Epiito

Epiito A/S, subsidiary of BIM Equity A/S, is a Danish company with an international perspective, that provides 3D hardware and software for healthcare and urban planning among other. The aim is to deliver the market’s leading tools and solutions for digital involvement - with a firm believe in communication and knowledge-sharing being the key to success.

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